NSA analysts are being paid to watch a LOT of porn

CIA and NSA analysts are given a private room to watch pornographic movies.

All in the name of protecting our liberty of course… from steganographers!

2 min read

NSA spying on Microsoft Windows crash error reports

You may think that it’s harmless enough to click on the “Send Error Report” button and send details of the crash to Microsoft, but recent revelations about NSA surveillance underline that there are risks.

And they are no laughing matter.

1 min read

DROPOUTJEEP. Can the NSA spy on every iPhone on the planet?

Breathless headlines suggest that the NSA can snoop on everyone’s iPhone, turn on your phone’s camera and read all your messages.

But the story isn’t quite as simple as that.

2 min read

NSA infected 50,000 systems with malware, according to leaked documents

By the middle of 2012, the NSA had infected more than 50,000 computer systems around the world with malware.

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