TalkTalk hack. Police arrest fourth person, aged 16 years old

Another 16-year-old arrested as police round-up suspects in the TalkTalk hacking case.

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Post-hack, TalkTalk treats defrauded customers poorly

TalkTalk offers defrauded customers a way to close their accounts without paying a termination fee… but check out the small print.

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Third person arrested over TalkTalk hack, as company reveals extent of lost data

British police have searched an address in Staffordshire and arrested another person on suspicion of committing computer crime offences in relation to the TalkTalk hack.

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Another teenager arrested in connection with TalkTalk hack

British police have arrested another teenager related to the TalkTalk data breach. This time he’s 16 years old.

Maybe TalkTalk would be wise to hire some teenagers to check out its website security?

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VIDEO: TalkTalk hack. 15-year-old boy arrested

Police officers in Northern Ireland have arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with the latest internet attack on British telecom provider TalkTalk.

Don’t forget – anyone building a business website who has not learnt about how to protect against SQL injection attacks probably needs to go back to the classroom themselves.

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TalkTalk was hacked. But it’s silly to ask if the data was encrypted

Alan Solomon argues that data encryption is irrelevant in the case of the TalkTalk hack.

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VIDEO: TalkTalk’s CEO offers some poor advice, following hack

Remember, it’s child’s play for phishers to forge the from: address in an email. Never use a correct from: address as an indicator that an email is legitimate.

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Hacked TalkTalk says that it has received ransom demand

TalkTalk has said that it has received a ransom demand, after it suffered a hack which has potentially put the details of up to four million customers at risk.

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TalkTalk customer details at risk, after yet another internet attack

What do they say about trouble coming in threes?

UK telecoms operator TalkTalk has revealed that it has once again suffered at the hands of hackers, and that details of four million customers might have been compromised.

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TalkTalk isn’t helping customers use safer passwords

It’s a real shame to see a company not helping its customer use safer passwords, especially in the wake of a data breach. Let’s hope TalkTalk gets a clue and sees sense soon.

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Did Carphone Warehouse hackers use a DDoS attack as camouflage?

Report suggests that the hack against Carphone Warehouse was disguised with a denial-of-service attack.

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Carphone Warehouse hacked: 2.4 million customer records at risk

Carphone Warehouse warns that hackers have accessed the personal information and bank details of millions of customers.

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Serious TalkTalk data breach leads to scam phone calls for customers

Hackers have stolen the personal details of thousands of TalkTalk customers, and – in some cases – used them to scam further information such as sensitive banking information over the telephone.

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