Yahoo pays out equivalent of 80,000+ t-shirts to bug finders

Yahoo used to really know how to treat the vulnerability researchers who found bugs in its services.

They used to send them a voucher for a free Yahoo t-shirt. Sadly, those glory days are now over.

Yahoo admits its bug bounty goof, and stops offering free t-shirts

Sorry, in future you won’t be given a voucher for $12.50 to spend in the Yahoo Corporate Store if you find a critical vulnerability in a service used by hundreds of millions of internet users.

Serious Yahoo bug discovered. Researchers rewarded with $12.50 voucher to buy corporate T-shirt

Such a risible bug bounty is unlikely to win Yahoo any friends and could – if anything – make it less likely that the site will gain the assistance of white-hats in future.

Facebook finally enables HTTPS by default, we give away free T-shirts to celebrate

Thumbs up to Facebook, which has announced it is finally enabling HTTPS by default for its users.

We celebrate by giving away some T-shirts..

Facebook birthday T-shirt scam steals secret mobile email addresses

Facebook scams are getting sneakier – with the latest attack using the lure of a free T-shirt celebrating Facebook’s birthday in an attempt to steal the secret backdoor key to your account.