Did hackers lead warplanes to Syrian hospital after targeting British surgeon’s computer?

BBC Newsnight broadcast phone number of surgeons working in war-torn Aleppo… and then the hospital was bombed.

Femmes fatales steal Syrian opposition’s Skype chats and military plans

Danger! Beware seductive women who contact you on Skype! Particularly, if you are working for opposition forces in Syria.

How the NSA (accidentally) took Syria off the internet

In late 2012, as fighting intensified around Damascus, all internet services in and out of Syria suddenly shut down.

At the time everyone imagined it was the Syrian regime who were responsible. But Edward Snowden says it was actually the NSA.

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Photo of kissing TV couple leads to new Mac malware attack, with a Syrian twist

The newly-discovered Mac backdoor Trojan horse named “Leverage” has a Syrian twist, and could have been used in targeted attacks.

Beware! Fake CNN emails about USA bombing Syria spread malware

Malicious hackers have spammed out an attack designed to infect computers, disguised as a breaking news story about the United States bombing Syria.

Hackers post story of tactical nuclear strike against Syria on Channel 4 blog

Hackers from the Syrian Electronic Army have once again claimed a high profile scalp, compromising the blogs at British TV station Channel 4.

Syria disappears off the face of the internet

It looks like internet access into and out of Syria has been shut down, cutting the country off from the rest of the internet.

BBC Weather’s Twitter account is hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The official Twitter account used by the BBC’s weather team has been hijacked by Syrian hackers.

Fortunately, they don’t seem to be using it to spread malicious links – but are instead trying to spread political messages about Syria instead.

Syrian Ministry of Defense website hacked

With Syria in crisis after the authorities cracked down with deadly force against anti-government protests, visitors to the Syrian military department’s website have been greeted with the Anonymous logo and images of dead protesters.

Mossad hacked Syrian laptop before bombing nuclear facility

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