Survey Scam

Giant snakes eating zookeepers and unwatchable videos – Facebook hit again by clickjacking scams

Facebook users are once again suffering from an onslaught of clickjacking survey scams, designed to fool them into unwittingly saying they “Like” a link to drive web traffic that simply fills the pockets of scammers.

Facebook clickjackers said to make over $1 million a month, agree to stop spam

A firm at the centre of allegations that its affiliates flooded Facebook with spam and clickjacking attacks has agreed to clean up its act – after earning up to $1.2 million per month in gross monthly revenues.

Fraudsters spam out scams via SMS text messages

Always take care about clicking on links sent to you out of the blue, even if they arrive on your mobile phone.

Free Ray-Bans and TOMS shoes scams hit Facebook

Have you seen a message on Facebook saying that free pairs of Ray-Bans or TOMS shoes are being given away to users?

Don’t believe it.

Draw Something scam targets players via Twitter

Are you one of the millions of devotees of the Draw Something game?

Watch out! Scammers are trying to dupe you into clicking on their links.

OMG – I just hate Rihanna video Facebook scam spreading

Messages are spreading between Facebook users, claiming that members of the social network have lost all respect for popular songstress Rihanna after watching a video.

The Pink Facebook rogue application and survey scam

Beware the Pink Facebook scam spreading on the social network right now.

Oops! Selena and Bieber’s hidden camera bedroom video Facebook scam

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in a sex video?

Your Facebook friends may be sharing the link with you – but take a reality check, it’s another survey scam.

Ex-girlfriend sex videos, browser plugins and Facebook survey scams

Scammers are up to their old tricks on Facebook, tricking users into visiting revenue-generating survey scam websites by appearing to offer sex videos.

Scammers reveal features of brand new iPhone 5.. or do they?

A scam spreads on Tumblr, claiming that every user will be given a free iPhone 5.

Never mind the fact that the iPhone 5 has not been announced yet, let alone released.

Facebook sues alleged clickjacking firm

Facebook has filed a law suit a firm who, they say, bombarded users with clickjacking scams that earned $1.2 million a month.

Chuck Norris is NOT dead – beware the Facebook scam!

Messages have been spread on Facebook claiming to link to a video news report of the death of awesome martial arts film star Chuck Norris.

Free gift card promotion is a Facebook scam

Gift card scams are a common sight on Facebook, and this weekend it has been the turn of to be the brand used by cybercriminals as a way of making them cash.

Turn Facebook pink, red or black? Don’t fall for online scams

Have your Facebook friends invited you to switch your boring blue Facebook profile to an attractive shade of red, black or shocking pink?

Walmart gift card survey spam spread via Twitter, with a twist of Geordie Shore

Are Walmart and Ikea *really* giving away gift cards via Twitter? And, if so, would they want you to vote for your favourite character from a low-brow reality TV show?

Lady Gaga’s Facebook page hit by iPad scam

A scam claiming to offer free iPads has appeared on the Facebook page of pop phenomenon Lady Gaga.

With over 45 million fans on Facebook, the scammers must have been rubbing their hands in glee – imagining just how many people might click on the link without thinking.