Survey Scam

Woman Falls from 220 feet Roller Coaster video scam spreads on Facebook

It’s clearly not 220 feet up, and it’s definitely not a roller coaster! But that’s not stopping Facebook users from falling for the latest scam.

ASOS Gift Voucher scam spreads on Facebook

It may be a brand new year, but if scammers can continue to make money through old tricks why should they change their methods?

Shark eats swimming man video scam spreads on Facebook

Don’t be tricked by the promise of a lurid, shocking or sexy video into doing the scammers’ dirty work for them.

Free Tesco and Primark Voucher scams hit Facebook

Don’t be fooled by Facebook scams claiming to offer you free vouchers for shopping at Primark, Tesco, Asda and other stores…

Free ASDA Voucher scam tries to ruin Christmas on Facebook

A scam is spreading on Facebook, luring unsuspecting social networkers into clicking by pretending to be supermarket vouchers in the run-up to Christmas.

Paul Walker Horrific Car Crash video scam spreads on Facebook. Watch out!

Beware of links shared by your Facebook friends, claiming to link to a shocking video of the death of the Fast and the Furious movie star.

Instagram for PC? Don’t be duped by survey scammers

Survey scammers are using a new disguise in their attempt to drive web traffic to their cash-generating webpages – pretending that PC users can install their own version of the popular smartphone app Instagram.

Eminem has NOT been stabbed in New York City and left nearly dead. It’s a Facebook scam

Human nature being what it is, there probably will be lots of people on Facebook who would be interested in watching what appears to be a breaking news story about a celebrity stabbing.

Repeat after me: Eminem remains “un-stabbed”. Don’t be duped by Facebook scammers.

Southwest Airlines free tickets scams spread on Facebook

Scammers take advantage of human gullibility on Facebook.

Sadly, many users are all too easily duped into believing that they are helping their friends and loved ones win some free tickets to Las Vegas.

Has Jackie Chan died in a deadly stunt fall? Rogue Facebook application spreads scam

Jackie Chan death video links spread on Facebook. But they’re really a rogue application scam.

Make sure that you and your friends aren’t fooled.

Free $500 Costco Gift Voucher scam spreads on Facebook

“Claim your Free $500 Costco Voucher Now. Only a few left” is the message you might have seen posted by one of your Facebook friends, but don’t be too quick to believe it.

Facebook Black? Beware widespread scam hitting social networkers

Want to change your Facebook from blue to black?

Maybe it’s time to exercise a little self-restraint, because scammers are hard at work tricking users into completing their money-making scams.

Fake Tesco/Asda voucher scammers on Facebook hit with large fines

Two firms have been fined a total of £450,000 (approximately US $720,000) for running a series of scams on Facebook.

The scams, which claimed to offer free vouchers and supermarket gift cards for the likes of Tesco and Asda,resulted in members of the public signing-up for expensive premium-rate phone services.

18 months later, and Facebook Profile Viewer rogue apps still successfully tricking users

Facebook does not give you any way to find out who has been viewing your profile.

Any application or link which claims it can reveal to you who has should be treated with great suspicion.

Shocking 17-year-old public high school antics clickjack unwary Facebook users into scam

Would you click on this?

It seems many Facebook users did. Wise up to the threat of clickjacking, or become an easy target for scammers.

Facebook Account Verification scam tricks unsuspecting users with SOPA/PIPA warning

Stop! If you’ve been told to verify your Facebook account before June 15th you may be about to be scammed.