Why Facebook is right to scan ‘private’ messages

A class action suit has been filed against Facebook, claiming that the social network is systematically examining ‘private’ messages sent by users on the social network.

Leak your own secret NSA documents, with help from the NSA Product name generator


Ever wondered how the NSA comes up with such crazy acid-fueled names for their top secret surveillance projects? You too can leak top secret NSA documents, with a little help from the NSA product name generator.

US and British spies invade World of Warcraft in hunt for online criminals and terrorists

It sounds extraordinary, but it seems American and UK intelligence agencies infiltrated popular video games in their hunt for criminal gangs and terrorists.

Should Americans be worried about NSA surveillance? [VIDEO]

The New York Times has released a thought-provoking short video explaining why regular American citizens should be concerned about the revelations of NSA surveillance on the internet.

Cyprus: Home of the UK’s secret Middle Eastern internet surveillance base

An Italian newspaper reveals the top secret location of the GCHQ base, monitoring communications in the Middle East.

This secret post-it note shows the NSA tapping into Google’s data centers

Google and Yahoo’s worldwide network of data centers are said to have been compromised by the NSA, according to a newly-leaked document.

Chinese kettles accused of spying, sending data back to remote servers

A batch of Chinese kettles have been intercepted on their way into Russia, which had the ability to do much more than just boil water.

Is one terrorism death a year really too high a price to pay for freedom from intrusive surveillance?

One death in a year through a terrorist act seems too high a price to pay for freedom from intrusive surveillance.

Do we value our privacy as little as that, asks guest contributor Philip Le Riche.

Mikko Hyppönen: “You should not be worried about PRISM. You should be outraged”

We should not just accept such blanket and wholesale surveillance from one country onto the rest of the world, argues security expert Mikko Hypponen.

Secret documents reveal NSA spying on encrypted internet communications

If you haven’t read the articles in the New York Times or The Guardian today, you probably should.

The NSA is not just spying on encrypted internet communications, it is covertly working to make encryption weaker.

Groklaw law news website closes down, citing US surveillance concerns

Award-winning law news blog Groklaw has announced that it is shutting down, saying that it cannot operate under existing US surveillance policies.

ZXX: the messed-up font which will NOT protect you from the NSA

How NOT to stop your communications from being spied upon by the authorities.