Want to hack companies and not get punished? Just join GCHQ

Good news, you won’t get into trouble if you hack on behalf of GCHQ under sneaked-in change to legislation.

Bad news, the pay is rubbish.

Spyware – required by law on South Korean teenagers’ smartphones

Once again, the perils of modern society where the majority of us are willingly carrying an electronic spy in our pocket are highlighted.

Technology firm says it is quitting the UK because of government internet surveillance plans

The first of many?

The UK government’s plans for a Snooper’s Charter and backdoors on secure messaging applications don’t prove popular with one technology company.

Snooper’s Charter back on the agenda, after UK election

If you haven’t done so already, start thinking now about how you can keep your online activity private.

Obama: “China, don’t you dare make us put backdoors in our software!” (That’s our job…)

China and the United States are at loggerheads over Beijing’s plan to force technology companies to share their encryption keys, and put backdoors into their software, if they wish to sell into China.

After all, that would never be proposed by a Western government, would it..?

Did GCHQ illegally spy on you? Here’s how to find out

Law enforcement agencies shouldn’t be above the law. Find out if the UK’s GCHQ illegally spied upon your phone calls, emails or other online activity.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

GCHQ covertly scoops up 70,000 emails in minutes – and it’s a disgrace

Politicians have gone too far – exploiting fear and raising concerns about possible future terrorist attacks in order to chip away at freedoms that we should take for granted.

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Listen to this BBC radio punch-up over David Cameron’s surveillance backdoor

Earlier this week, I appeared on BBC Radio Five to discuss David Cameron’s plans to snoop on secure messaging services.

It became a rather “heated discussion” with someone who advises the government on national security issues. Listen for yourself.

Kaspersky Lab “accidentally” defends monitoring of innocent internet users in online article

“You shouldn’t be paranoid and try to conceal your location while online.”

Seriously? This from a computer security company?

Are typewriters really the way to stop cyberspying? Germany seems to think so

Concern about electronic surveillance by other countries has become such a big issue in Germany that prominent politicians say they are seriously considering using manual typewriters instead of computers.

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How to steal an iPhone’s passcode (from up to 150 feet away!)

See that guy on on the other side of the room wearing Google Glass? He could have just stolen your iPhone’s passcode.

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A telephone box near GCHQ gets a visit from Banksy

Cheltenham, the home of the UK government’s listening post and communications surveillance headquarters, has had a night-time visit from what appears to be the famous street artist Banksy.

Crowdfunded movie asks “What happens when facial recognition becomes sentient?”

If the thought of Facebook facial recognition and internet surveillance sends a chill down your spine, then maybe you’re the ideal audience for new ultra-low budget sci-fi movie “Nightmare Code”.

Angry Birds website attacked following NSA spying allegations

Visitors to the official Angry Birds website, run by Finnish developers Rovio, saw an unexpected message overnight.

The hackers were almost certainly motivated by news that the NSA and the UK’s GCHQ were exploiting Angry Birds and other smartphone apps to help them collect user data.

Is Chrome letting malicious websites spy on your conversations?

The Chrome web browser can be exploited to allow remote websites to secretly spy upon your conversations, and record everything that you say.

But it doesn’t sound like Google is interested in addressing the potential serious privacy issue.

Everything we know about NSA spying [VIDEO]

Find out why metadata matters, and how it can easily reveal what you might have been talking about – even if someone hasn’t spied on the content of your conversation.

Check out this fascinating video by the EFF’s Kurt Opsahl, and learn more.