Facebook took two weeks to remove video of 12-year-old girl that livestreamed her suicide

Facebook needs to do more to prevent links to disturbing content from being shared widely across its network.

Suicide and Ashley Madison

Nobody deserves to die because of the Ashley Madison leak.

And even if your details were found in the database it DOESN’T mean you were ever a member of the site (as it didn’t verify email addresses), and it definitely doesn’t mean you cheated on your partner.

Webcam chat blackmail leads to teenage boy’s suicide

Posting your Skype ID on Facebook or Twitter can be more dangerous than you could possibly imagine.

Let’s hope that the blackmailers are brought to justice soon and appropriately punished.

Anonymous names man they say drove Amanda Todd to suicide

In September this year, a Canadian teenager called Amanda Todd posted a video on YouTube describing how she had been the victim of bullying.

And then she killed herself.

Now, Anonymous has named the man that they blame for her misery.

Did a photographer commit suicide after shooting a video? No, it’s a Facebook scam

Messages are spreading rapidly on Facebook claiming to be of a video that a photographer took three days before he committed suicide.

But should you believe them? And, more importantly, should you click on them?