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Operation Waking Shark II: UK banks play cyber war games

Financial firms in London will be simulating a massive internet attack today, as thousands of IT and security staff play out a series of digital disasters to test their ability to respond and work together in a crisis.

NASDAQ stock exchange paralysed today – could it have been the work of hackers?

So, was this a technical glitch, or were hackers somehow responsible for disrupting the world’s largest electronic stock market?

Because stock exchanges have been targeted by cybercriminals in the past.

LinkedIn spam leads to pump-and-dump stock scam

Spam emails claiming to come from LinkedIn appear to encourage investors to buy shares in a company, with the intention of making money by pumping-and-dumping the stock.

NASDAQ reports hackers broke into its servers

The NASDAQ stock exchange has called in investigators from the FBI after discovering it had become the target of hackers.

It says that “at no point” were its trading systems compromised, but major Fortune 500 companies may still have cause for concern.