Users of iPhones and Macs must update to avoid Stagefright-like bug

Make sure that all your Apple devices are patched before online criminals attempt to take advantage of this flaw.

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New Stagefright exploit threatens unpatched Android devices

One of Android’s biggest security scares is back for an encore…

David Bisson reports.

Google keeps its promise, and begins rolling out monthly Android security updates

It’s good that Google is keeping its word, but is enough being done to keep Android users safe from malware threats?

David LaVeque discusses.

Good news/bad news about Google’s Android Stagefright patch

Maybe Google should spend a little less time poking hole in other people’s products if it doesn’t have its own house in order.

Big news. Google patching millions of Android devices against Stagefright exploit

If you needed any more convincing as to just how big a deal the recently discovered Stagefright vulnerability is on Android devices, just take a look at Google’s response.

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Gaping hole in Android lets hackers break in with just your phone number!

A researcher has found a serious Android vulnerability that requires no interaction at all by the user to hijack their device. In fact, the vulnerability could allow a hacker to infect your mobile phone, while you’re fast asleep.

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