Leveson Inquiry hears claims of newspaper computer hacking

Were newspaper journalists responsible for not just phone hacking.. but computer hacking too?

Japanese parliament hit by cyber-attack

Hackers were able to snoop upon emails and steal passwords from computers belonging to lawmakers at the Japanese parliament for over a month, according to newspaper reports.

iPhone spyware can snoop on desktop typing

A team of researchers at Georgia Tech have demonstrated how they were able to spy on what was typed on a regular desktop computer’s keyboard via the accelerometers of a smartphone placed nearby.

Gordon Ramsay claims spyware used to hack into his email

Gordon Ramsay, the award-winning celebrity chef, is suing members of his wife’s family following claims that they used spyware to hack into his personal and company emails.

Police probe into claims of computer hacking by Murdoch’s News International

British police are investigating possible cases of computer hacking, in the ongoing probe into the activities of The News of the World and News International.

Gordon Brown says newspapers also used malware to hack computers

New claims are being made that journalists didn’t just spy on celebrities and members of the public by listening to voicemail messages but also used malware to hack into computers.

Did sex-life bloggers have their computers hacked by Murdoch newspaper?

Two famous sex-life bloggers wonder out loud whether they were sent a Trojan horse by a British newspaper.

Apple webcam spyware artist investigated by Secret Service

The US Secret Service has confiscated computer equipment from a Brooklyn artist who installed webcam spyware on computers at two New York Apple stores.

Peeping Tom tricked women into taking hacked webcams into shower, claim police

A 20-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly infecting young women’s Mac computers with spyware that could commandeer their webcam.

BBC Panorama investigates News of the World computer hacking

Did a British newspaper hire a hacker to infect someone’s computer with a spyware Trojan horse?

BBC writes smartphone spyware, and Android malware developments

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Commercial spyware firm ordered to clean up its act

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Surveillance firm sells Apple iPad spyware

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Charles Schwab account hacker jailed for 37 months

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Sarah Palin hacker suspect had spyware-infected PC

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Mossad hacked Syrian laptop before bombing nuclear facility

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