‘The Mask’ malware campaign, undetected by anti-virus firms since 2007?

Kaspersky used the backdrop of the luxurious beach resort of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to announce its malware discovery to the world’s press.

But if Careto, aka “The Mask”, has been missed by security firms since 2007 that’s not a great advert for the anti-virus industry.

Happy bitchday from Facebook

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Adobe malware attack sloppiness puts a Spaniard in the works

Is there a patron saint of computer users? There should be.

After all, there are patron saints of dentists, bee keepers, and plasterers.

Well, whoever they might be, we should give thanks to them that time and time again hackers make elementary mistakes that mean (if we keep our wits about us) we can avoid our computer becoming infected.