South Korea

Rotten EGGs spread ransomware in South Korea

Researchers report that online criminals are spamming out ransomware to potential victims in South Korea disguised as.… .EGGs.

Bitcoin price takes a dive after another cryptocurrency exchange hack

There’s bad news if you’re a cryptocurrency investor. Billions of dollars worth of wealth were wiped out this weekend after a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange was hacked.

Bitcoin exchange shuts down after being hacked twice in one year

To misquote Oscar Wilde, to have your Bitcoin exchange hacked once may be regarded as misfortune; to have it happen twice looks like carelessness.

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Major cryptocurrency exchange hacked – customers’ Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts plundered

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges has fallen victim to hackers, who were able to use information they stole to plunder users’ accounts.

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South Korean banks told to pay $315,000 or suffer DDoS wrath

Online extortionists have threatened to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against seven South Korean banks unless each victim pays up US $315,000 in ransom.

David Bisson reports.

Web-hosting firm agrees to pay over $1 million to ransomware extortionists

A variant of the Erebus ransomware has hit a South Korean web hosting company hard, and disrupted the websites of thousands of businesses.

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North Korea stole F-15 blueprints and 42,000 defense-related documents from South Korea

South Korean police say that North Korea began to target 140,000 computers at defense contractor firms and government agencies back in 2014, but the attack was only unearthed in February this year.

Ali Taherian reports.

VIDEO: South Korea forces spyware onto teens’ phones… and it has security holes

Serious security vulnerabilities are found in the software that South Korea mandates must be installed on young people’s smartphones. So much for privacy.

Check out my video to learn more.

The threat of North Korea’s city-destroying killer hackers

A defector tells the BBC that North Korea has apocalyptic cyberwarfare capabilities.

Spyware – required by law on South Korean teenagers’ smartphones

Once again, the perils of modern society where the majority of us are willingly carrying an electronic spy in our pocket are highlighted.

Fake “The Interview” app is really an Android banking trojan

An Android app claims to download a copy of “The Interview” but instead installs a two-stage banking Trojan onto victims’ devices.

Online gaming data breach affects millions in South Korea

South Koreans must handle the consequences of yet another enormous data breach, this time from their penchant for online gaming.

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Korean credit card bosses say sorry 53 million times after massive data breach

Almost half of all South Koreans have had their credit card details stolen and sold on to marketing firms.

Imagine if Western CEOs said sorry like this after they lost their customers’ credit card details…

DarkSeoul: SophosLabs identifies malware used in South Korean internet attack

Computer networks belonging to South Korean TV broadcasters and at least two major banks have been disrupted by what some have suggested was a malicious internet attack originating in North Korea.

Police rescue man and daughter kidnapped by email scammers

A man and his daughter are rescued by police after they were lured to South Africa by a scam email telling them they had won a fortune in a lottery.

13 million MapleStory players at risk after hack – casting a shadow over Nexon’s IPO

If you’re about to float your video game company on the stock exchange, probably the last thing you want is for a hacker to break into the personal details of some 13 million of your players.