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Did Paris Hilton *really* post that tweet upon death of Nelson Mandela? Nope

Don’t trust everything you read on Twitter. And shame on whoever thought the death of a world statesman admired by millions was the perfect opportunity to embarrass Paris Hilton.

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Second passport for South Africans? It’s spam of the day

If these spammers want to get a higher return on their email campaign they might want to try targeting just South African internet users in future.

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Police rescue man and daughter kidnapped by email scammers

A man and his daughter are rescued by police after they were lured to South Africa by a scam email telling them they had won a fortune in a lottery.

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World Cup DDoS blackmailer sentenced to jail

A man who extorted money out of online gambling websites in the run-up to the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa has been sent to jail.

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Phishers target South Africa’s BidorBuy auction website

It’s worth everybody remembering that phishing gangs and cybercriminals don’t just target users of multinational global brands such as eBay, PayPal and iTunes.

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South African news website forced offline by hackers

The website of the Mail & Guardian, a weekly South African newspaper, has been shut down following an attack by Russian hackers.

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