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Apple’s iOS source code leak – what you need to know

Earlier this week someone anonymously published a key piece of Apple’s iOS source code onto GitHub.

Something you wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands…

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Adobe hacked, product source code stolen, customer database accessed

Bad news folks. Adobe has been hacked.

As well as product source code, user IDs and personal information related to 2.9 million customers has been accessed.

Source code for the Carberp banking malware kit is leaked online

It has just become that little bit easier to rob someone’s online bank account.

An archive containing the notorious financial malware kit has been distributed online, and a password to unlock its code published.

VMware confirms hackers stole source code

VMware has confirmed that source code posted on PasteBin by a hacker calling himself “Hardcore Charlie”, is a portion of code from its ESX Hypervisor product.

Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus source code exposed by hackers

A hacking group has gained access to some of the source code for Symantec’s anti-virus product, that they claim they stole from Indian government servers.

Looking for source code for the ikee iPhone worm? Sorry

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