Smashing Security #156: Better safe than Sony

In this 20 minute clip from a special bonus episode produced for our Patreon supporters, Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault discuss the 2014 hack of Sony Pictures – reportedly carried out by North Korea for the very oddest of reasons…

Sony social media accounts hijacked as hackers claims to have stolen PSN database

The OurMine hacking group claimed yet another corporate scalp this weekend – seizing control over the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN).

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Patch your Sony security cameras against backdoor attacks!

If you have a Sony network-connected CCTV camera, you may have a security problem.

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Playstation chief Shuhei Yoshida has his Twitter hacked by OurMine

Shuhei Yoshida, the popular president of Sony Computer Entertainment’s worldwide studios, appears to be the latest victim of the OurMine hacking gang, after his Twitter account was hijacked.

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PlayStation, Facebook block users due to ‘offensive’ first names

Facebook and the Sony PlayStation Network have taken a hard line against users with names like “Isis” and “Jihad”.

David Bisson reports.

PhantomSquad DDoS group claims credit for PlayStation Network downtime

A group of distributed denial-of-service attackers known as “PhantomSquad” has claimed responsibility for a PlayStation Network service interruption that lasted for 10 hours.

David Bisson reports.

PhantomSquad threatens to take down Xbox Live and PSN this Christmas

PhantomSquad says it has its sights set on disrupting the PlayStation and Xbox Live networks in a co-ordinated denial-of-service attack over Christmas.

Sorry Sony, Steven Moffat doesn’t want a Doctor Who movie anytime soon

Leaked Sony Pictures emails reveal that a “Doctor Who” movie may be on its way… albeit not in the immediate future.

WikiLeaks releases hacked Sony documents, revealing poor password practices

Don’t feel too smug about Sony’s discomfort – ask yourself if you are taking enough steps to secure your passwords.

Does your company use strong password management software to generate complex, unique, hard-to-guess passwords?

If the NSA hacked North Korea’s networks before the Sony attacks, there’s an obvious question…

According to new claims, the NSA has a secret foothold inside North Korea’s computer networks, and actually saw the first spear-phishing attacks against Sony Pictures.

And yet, it didn’t warn the firm it was under attack.

The noose tightens on Lizard Squad, as police apprehend suspects

The notorious Lizard Squad hacking gang who brought down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live over the Christmas holiday, may have bitten more than it can chew.

XBox and PSN attacks were “marketing scheme” for Lizard Squad’s DDoS service

The attack which knocked offline the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live over Christmas appears to have been a publicity stunt, designed to gain notoriety and draw attention to the hacking group which has claimed responsibility – Lizard Squad.

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Fake “The Interview” app is really an Android banking trojan

An Android app claims to download a copy of “The Interview” but instead installs a two-stage banking Trojan onto victims’ devices.

North Korea falls off the internet – is the United States to blame?

Barack Obama promises that the United States will respond to the Sony hack, and North Korea drops off the internet. Could there be a connection?

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Imagine you’re the CEO of a big company that has just been hacked…

Imagine you’re the CEO of a big company that has just been very publicly hacked.

Chances are that you’ll be working urgently on damage limitation…

Leaked emails reveal that hackers demanded money from Sony Pictures before attack

At 9:44am PST on November 21st, just three days before Sony Pictures’ network was brought down in dramatic fashion by hackers with locked screens and grisly displays of skulls, the company’s top executives received an unsolicited email.

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