software update

Sonos backtracks (a little) over its software updates fustercluck

The maker of wireless home sound systems got itself into hot water after it announced that if you had a mixture of new and old Sonos hardware in your home then *none* of it would be receiving software updates after May.

Beware malicious software updates for legitimate apps

The ACLU warns of the risk that malicious code planted in legitimate software updates could compromise security.

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433,000 Ford cars to be recalled because of software bug – would you have preferred an internet update?

Cars which are capable of receiving instructions via the internet (such as software updates) are potentially more at risk of being hacked or meddled with than those which don’t.

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Gmail for iOS users told to check their trash and spam before Feb 14th

Google has thrown some iPhone users’ Gmail messages into the trash can. And you’ve only got until Feb 14th to get them out.

The Ubuntu software update dialog that leaves you guessing

So, would you install this Ubuntu software update now or ask it to remind you again later?