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British Gas Help Twitter account hacked, customers pointed towards phishing sites

Online criminals attempt to steal Twitter passwords by posting phishing messages from British Gas’s support account.

48 sec read

Google fights back against the fake YouTube view industry

Next time you check out the popular videos on YouTube, should you be wondering if they are *really* popular… or if someone has paid money to artificially boost their apparent number of views?

2 min read

CNN website, Twitter and Facebook hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Someone at CNN’s social media team clearly could do with a freshen-up on their computer security training.

1 min read

Pub fires chef. Chef has Twitter password. You can guess the rest…

If the person you are firing has the keys to your social media presence (such as your Twitter account), it might be an idea to change the password *before* firing that person.

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VIDEO: Online privacy, freedom and security (in the era of transparency)

Check out this video where Graham Cluley, The Guardian’s James Ball and the Independent’s Martha Gill discuss social media, online privacy and freedom.

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