Social Engineering

Graham Cluley on Jenny Radcliffe’s new podcast, ‘The Human Factor’

I’m honoured to be a guest on the inaugural episode of Jenny Radcliffe’s brand new podcast “The Human Factor.” Check it out!

Attacker tricked Amazon customer service into disclosing user’s personal info – three times!

On three separate calls, an attacker used social engineering techniques to trick a representative of Amazon’s customer service into disclosing a user’s personal information.

David Bisson reports.

Social engineering scammers exploit people’s inborn desire to help others

A good social engineer can coax information out of even the most cautious person.

Be on your guard and don’t be duped, writes Bob Covello.

Targeted Attacks for Dummies

Targeted attacks target the dummies in your organisation. Make sure that you and your colleagues aren’t some of them.

Check out my article on the Foursys blog.

Mac users need to wake up to the social engineering threat

Read more in my article at Naked Security.