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Ex-Times journalist escapes trial over alleged NightJack email hack

Former Times journalist Patrick Foster will not be tried over allegations that he hacked into the email account of the anonymous police blogger, NightJack.

Other journalists would be unwise to see this as a green light for email hacking.

Passwords leaked on live TV as UK responds to flood emergency

The UK has been hit hard by extreme weather conditions, with transport systems shut down, homes flooded and high winds cutting electricity supplies.

So the authorities probably don’t have time to make sure there’s nothing sensitive in view of the camera crews…

Were Sky’s Android apps *really* hacked and replaced by the Syrian Electronic Army?

Sky’s official support account has tweeted a series of messages telling users to uninstall the Android versions of their SkyNews and Sky+ apps.

But is that message to be believed?

"Colin was here". Is Sky News having some trouble with its Twitter account?

Oh dear. It looks like Sky News has just tweeted something it shouldn’t have to 900,000 people…

Is it ever acceptable for a journalist to hack into somebody else’s email?

Sky News journalist Gerard Tubb may have hacked into emails sent by “Canoe Man”, but he will escape prosecution.

Other journalists would be unwise, says Graham Cluley, to see this as a green light for email hacking.

Sky News admits it hacked Canoe Man’s email

Broadcaster Sky News has admitted that it authorised a journalist to hack email accounts on two separate occasions.

Accounts hacked included one belonging to the infamous “Canoe Man” who faked his own death and ran off to Panama.