Silk Road

Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison, without parole

Don’t be dumb kids.

If you have the skills, put them to a legitimate, constructive positive purpose and hope to get some satisfaction and maybe the reward you’re looking for that way. Don’t make the world a sadder place than it already is.

Dark web drug market Evolution vanishes off the net, taking millions of dollars with it

Dark web criminal marketplace disappears, amid rumours that millions of dollars worth of Bitcoins have been stolen.

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Bcc blunder leaks details of Silk Road Bitcoin bidders

Could someone please send the US Marshals on an email 101 course?

A classic bcc/cc error by the US Marshals Service has leaked the email address of everyone interested in the auction of 30 million bitcoins confiscated from the Silk Road.

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US Government to auction $18 million of the Silk Road’s Bitcoins

If you have a spare $200,000 kicking around, burning a hole in your pocket, maybe you’d like to take a punt at bidding for some of these Bitcoins from the criminal underworld?

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Silk Road closed down by the FBI, alleged founder identified and arrested

According to FBI, Silk Road generated more than $1.2 billion in online sales during its three years of operation – a truly staggering figure, which gives an indication of the amount of criminal activity that passed through its systems.

Hackers tried to frame security blogger Brian Krebs in heroin plot

Cybercriminals don’t send gutsy security blogger rockstar Brian Krebs birthday cards.

Instead, they try to frame him by sending a dozen bags of heroin to his home in Northern Virginia.