Delete all your emails and acid wash your hard drives, says security expert Sean Hannity

Some people don’t know if you should trust the media anymore, with accusations of fake news flying here, there, and everywhere.

Which makes me wonder who can you trust for computer security advice? How about a TV host?

Signal and Telegram messaging services offline for some hours

Users of the popular encrypted messaging services Signal and Telegram have been reporting problems accessing the services.

Malware installs Signal as part of scheme to steal Mac users’ banking credentials

The new OSX/Dok Mac malware is mysteriously pushing the Signal private-messaging app onto victims’ mobile devices as part of a scheme to steal their banking credentials.

David Bisson reports.

Is the CIA’s Weeping Angel spying on TV viewers?

WikiLeaks has published thousands of pages of what appeared to be leaked internal CIA documents.

The haul, which WikiLeaks has somewhat pretentiously dubbed “Vault 7”, is claimed to be “the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency.”

In a world where Donald Trump is President, encryption is becoming more popular

Secure messaging app Signal has recorded a 400% rise in growth since the election of Donald Trump.


This is how little Signal knows about its privacy-loving users

Signal got hit by a US government subpoena, demanding the encrypted messaging app cough up any information they had on accounts associated with two phone numbers…

And it turned into a victory for those who believe in online privacy.

Users their own worst enemy when it comes to encrypted messaging apps

Security researchers have found that user error can be responsible for compromising the exchanges of encrypted communications apps like Signal.

David Bisson reports.