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SentinelOne says if you get hit by ransomware, it will pay the ransom

SentinelOne writes:

We’ve created the first ever Ransomware Cyber Guarantee – a warranty for our product’s performance. It’ll give you the best protection from ransomware attacks – and if we miss something and you get infected – we’ll pay the ransom. It’s that simple. And it’s how security is supposed to be. If you can block something – why not guarantee it? Would you buy a new shiny car without manufacturer warranty?

In other words, self-proclaimed “next generation endpoint security solution” SentinelOne says it’s entirely comfortable paying money to criminals.

Of course it’s a marketing stunt, but still one - I must admit - that leaves a strange taste in my mouth.

If I’m feeling mischievous, I might even wonder if some future ransomware might detect the presence of SentinelOne and increase its ransom demand accordingly…

Couldn’t SentinelOne have just offered to throw in a decent backup program?