security patch

Microsoft issues emergency security patch for Internet Explorer – even for Windows XP users!

#Turn around, bright eyes…#

Microsoft fixes critical Internet Explorer flaw being used in targeted attacks, and hands a lifeline to Windows XP users.

1 min read

Over 20 security holes found in Windows, IE and other software. Patch now

Don’t delay – patch your systems now…

Or risk falling victim to cybercriminals taking advantage of newly uncovered security flaws.

56 sec read

If you’re crazy enough to still be using Java, make sure to install the 40 new security vulnerability fixes today

Java is getting a bad name for security, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are keen to permanently remove it off their computers rather than risk being hit by a malware attack.

1 min read

Adobe tells Windows and Mac users to install critical security updates for Flash and AIR

Computer users should be getting used to security updates for Adobe Flash by now – after all, this is the fourth in as many weeks.

Make sure your computers are protected as soon as possible.

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