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Shoe retailer Office lost details of over one million customers in hack, but escapes fine

ICO fails to sock it to shoe retailer Office, following massive data breach.

What sort of message does that send to other companies?

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You won’t see any mention on its homepage, but shoe retailer Office has been hacked

UK shoe retailer Office has sent its customers an email, explaining that it has suffered a serious security breach.

It hasn’t seen fit to mention it on its homepage though…

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It took eBay a *long* time to tell me to change my password

It took eBay a full 5 days, 5 hours, and 10 minutes before it managed to email me about its security breach, and suggested I change my password.

Fortunately I wasn’t waiting for their advice.

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Why is eBay burying news of its security breach from its millions of web visitors?

eBay – please stop trying to get me to buy sneakers and watering cans.

I’d much rather your homepage told me that you’d had a security breach, and told me what I had to do about it.

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Orange hacked again. 1.3 million customers have their personal data stolen

Orange must have something of a red face right now, as it has found itself in the embarrassing position of admitting that hackers have made away with customer information for the second time this year.

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Got a Boxee TV account? You should change your password

The personal details of some 158,128 people – including their names, email addresses, birth dates, IP addresses – have been leaked following what appears to be a serious security breach at Samsung-owned web TV service, Boxee.

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Racing Post website hacked, customer information stolen

The website of the Racing Post has been hacked by criminals who managed to access customer information.

Gamblers – be on your guard and make sure you use different passwords for different websites.

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Nintendo fixes Wii U network after claims of accidental hack

Just hours after the US launch of Nintendo’s latest game console, the Wii U, a video game fan claims that he accidentally “hacked” into the console’s online component – the Miiverse.

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University of Florida warns students and staff of security breach

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Confusion reigns over Best Western data security breach

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