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Is Obama planning a coup? Yes, says Google Home

To err is human. Google proves once again that to really screw things up you need the internet of things.

Private data leaks after being left on publicly accessible server – when will firms learn?

The personal details of 300,000 people (including social security numbers) were left on a publicly accessible folder, open to anybody on the Internet who knew how to perform a Google search.

Who needs to exploit a website vulnerability, or sloppy password security, when companies are this careless?

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How to change Safari’s default search engine in iOS 8 for greater privacy

With iOS 8 you can switch your Safari browser’s search engine to alternatives such as DuckDuckGo. Find out why you might want to and, in fairness, why you might NOT want to…

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Serious security hole found in SEO plugin used by millions of WordPress users. Update now

Do you use the popular All in One SEO Pack plugin on your WordPress website?

If so, you need to update the plugin as soon as possible to the latest version.

Converting currency on Google can lead to malware attack

Blackhat SEO techniques are being used to infect users doing online currency conversions.

Automated SEO poisoning attacks explained

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