USA offers $100,000 bounty for alleged Syrian Electronic Army members

It seems that hackers are just as capable of making mistakes regarding maintaining their privacy online as the rest of us. Perhaps there is a lesson for those of us who are law-abiding to learn from the mistakes made by others.

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US Army website defaced by Syrian Electronic Army hackers

Hackers, supportive of the Assad regime in Syria, have successfully compromised content displayed on the US Army’s website, popping up messages to visitors.

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How the Washington Post was hijacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (again)

The Syrian Electronic Army are up to their old tricks, hacking into the Washington Post’s CDN to display pop-up messages.

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The Syrian Electronic Army strikes again! International Business Times hacked

Online news site International Business Times has revealed that the notorious Syrian Electronic Army hacking group successfully breached its security, and removed a story that was embarrassing to the country’s regime.

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SEANux – a version of Linux from the Syrian Electronic Army

Would you trust an operating system built by a group of malicious hackers?

Reuters website ‘hacked’ by the Syrian Electronic Army, but Taboola blamed for letting them in

The finger of suspicion points to Taboola, as visitors to the Reuters website were redirected by hackers.

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Syrian hackers hijack FC Barcelona’s Twitter account

Talk about putting the boot in…

The notorious Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) claimed another scalp overnight, hijacking the Twitter account of the world-famous Barcelona football club.

Details of over one million Forbes readers leaked online (including mine)

Over one million readers of the Forbes website might be wise to change their password, and keep an eye open for suspicious emails, after a group of notorious hackers gained access to user information and published it online.

Forbes website hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Once again, a well-known media establishment has fallen victim to the hackers of the notorious Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).

This time it’s Forbes which has “published” an eyebrow-raising headline.

When Syrian hackers attacked, Facebook’s bacon was saved by security measures

The hackers attempt to hijack Facebook’s domain failed because the social network had enabled a registry lock and two-factor authentication.

Enabling extra security measures can reduce the chance of your own company’s website being messed around with by DNS hijackers. Learn the lesson now.

Syrian Electronic Army hackers meddle (briefly) with Facebook’s domain

The Syrian Electronic Army’s hack of MarkMonitor put them within a hair’s breadth of hijacking Facebook’s domain.

Things could have been much worse.

Syrian Electronic Army hackers embarrass PayPal UK by displaying anti-US message

For a short period of time this weekend, visitors to the UK versions of the PayPal and eBay websites may have seen something out of the ordinary.

Not the normal welcoming message of a world-famous online institution, but an offensive message intermingled with a binary depiction of the Syrian flag instead.

Microsoft admits hackers stole law enforcement documents

Microsoft has revealed that recent hacker attacks against it have gone beyond vandalising its blog and hijacking its Twitter accounts, and extended to the theft of “documents associated with law enforcement inquiries”.

CNN website, Twitter and Facebook hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Someone at CNN’s social media team clearly could do with a freshen-up on their computer security training.

Syrian Electronic Army has its *own* website hacked

The notorious Syrian Electronic Army, who have hacked the blogs and social media accounts of numerous organisations (most recently Microsoft and Skype), has discovered what it feels like to be a victim – after its own website was hacked by a rival group.

Microsoft left red-faced after official blog and Twitter accounts hacked

The Syrian Electronic Army has hijacked two official Microsoft Twitter accounts as well as the company’s official blog on TechNet.