ALL-CAPS virus scare spreads on Facebook, warning of girl with disfigured face

An alarmist warning has spread across Facebook once again, proving once again that many users are far too willing to pass on warnings without checking their facts with a reputable source.

Nails in pieces of cheese left at dog parks? A Facebook scare ignites

If you want a rumour to go into overdrive, then Facebook is the place to kick things off.

A message is being shared widely between Facebook users, telling dog owners to be careful if they take their pet to the park – as there might be pieces of cheese lying around containing nails. But what are the real facts?

The MySpace puppies hack that wasn’t

Visitors to MySpace were greeted by an unusual message today – but it wasn’t the result of a malicious hacker attack.

Facebook scares users with account protection status warning

Have you been told your Facebook account protection status is very low?

Are you worried the message could be a scam?