Browser hanging? Don’t call that support number! It’s a scam!

An annoying browser-locking bug is being exploited by tech support scammers to trick unsuspecting users into phoning them up.

David Bisson reports.

Scare tactics! Tech support scam claims your hard drive will be deleted

Scammers are trying to frighten their victims into phoning them up, claiming that their hard drive is only minutes away from being wiped.

David Bisson reports.

Blue screen of death with a support number? Beware the malware scam

In the old days tech support scammers called you up on the phone, trying to dupe you into believing your Windows PC had malware on it.. Now they trick you into calling them…

David Bisson reports.

Turning the tables on a scammer… by contacting his mum on Facebook

Some scammers think the chances of the police ever catching them are low, but there’s one thing they are afraid of: their mum.

How to turn the tables on fake CEO scammers

A security consultant reveals how he was able to find out information about a scammer, attempting to trick a company into making an urgent wire transfer.

Find out how your company can better protect itself from similar business email compromise attacks.

A new low! SMS scammers prey on parents’ fears to make a few bucks

Fraudsters are sending fake SMS messages to parents, purporting to be about a terrible car accident involving their children.

David Bisson reports.

Blogger turns tables on cyber-scammer by infecting them with ransomware

BBC News reports: A French security researcher says he managed to turn the tables on a cyber-scammer by sending him malware. Technical support scams try to convince people to buy expensive software to fix imaginary problems. But Ivan Kwiatkowski played along with the scheme until he was asked to send credit card details. He instead

Tinder spam bots trick users into paying for adult content

Spam bots are tricking Tinder users into become paying members of multiple adult-themed websites.

David Bisson reports.

MacKeeper threatens to sue 14-year-old YouTuber

The MacKeeper utility suite, which claims to help Mac users stop security threats, find duplicate files, and help you uninstall unwanted apps, doesn’t have the best reputation.

And now they’re making legal threats against a teenage video maker.

The tech support scam king. 135 tech scam domains registered to one person

Security researchers claim that oneindividual’s name and address are tied to 135 tech support scam domains, including 120 which are hosted on Internet domain registrar GoDaddy.

David Bisson reports.

Fraudsters impersonate victims’ ISPs in new tech support scam

Has your ISP told you that they have detected malware on your computer? Are you SURE that it’s really your ISP telling you that?

David Bisson reports.

Scammers claim there is a virus in Apple’s iTunes database

Scammers are once again targeting Apple customers in their attempt to hijack accounts and steal payment information.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

Woman spends 2.5 years in Argentinian prison after falling victim to romance scam

“If you’ve been talking to someone online but you’ve never seen their face and they ask you for money, or to go overseas, just don’t.”

David Bisson reports.

New tech support scams mimic ransomware, lock users’ computers

If your Windows computer tells you to call a support number for a product key, can you be sure you’re not falling for a technical support scam?

David Bisson reports.

Southwest Airlines flight giveaway scams spread on Facebook

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and even if there was… who likes airline food that much anyway?

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Beware fake Facebook ‘Be Like Bill’ apps that could serve up malware or steal your personal info

Concerns have been raised that scammers could trick Facebook users into installing fake and malicious apps that claim they generate the popular “Be Like Bill” memes.

David Bisson reports.