JPMorgan and other US banks get hacked. Why is Russia getting the blame?

The big news should be that five US banks apparently got hacked.

Not that someone is guessing that the Kremlin might have been behind it…

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Russian PM has his Twitter account hacked, announces “I resign”

There may be red faces in Red Square, after Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev had his Twitter account hacked.

Learn more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

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Fancy $110,000? Easy! Just be Russian and find a way of cracking Tor

It looks like Russia is looking for a way to crack down on those who try to hide their activities from law enforcement agencies and government censors.

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NATO website hit hard by denial-of-service attack as Crimean tension rises

This weekend a number of NATO websites belonging to NATO struggled to remain online as online criminals launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

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Is Russia behind the Snake spying malware, seen attacking systems in Ukraine?

Defence contractor BAE Systems publishes a report into the sophisticated Snake spyware, and reveals how Ukraine is being targeted.

But who is behind the attacks?

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Russia Today’s website defaced in ‘Nazi’ hack attack

The pro-Kremlin news agency found its website hacked overnight, with headlines changed to refer to “Nazis”.

As is so often the case, real-life conflict can spill over to internet attacks.

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Anti-virus firm finds alleged Kremlin cyberweapon, undetected for at least three years

Uroburos is a very complex and sophisticated piece of malware, designed to steal confidential data.

And, according to one security firm, it has all the hallmarks of being backed by Moscow.

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Whether you’re in Sochi or Starbucks, you need to take mobile security seriously

As the world’s media congregated in Sochi for the Winter Olympics, there were plenty of warnings about security risks for those bringing laptops and smartphones.

Although some of the hype was unhelpful, there are genuine risks for travelling technology users, including those visiting Russia.

Find out more in my article on the Intralinks blog.

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Suspected Blackhole Exploit Kit creator, and 12 others, prosecuted by Russian authorities

If the Russian authorities really do have their hands on the Blackhole Exploit Kit’s creator, and his collaborators, then that is good news for everyone on the internet.

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Chinese kettles accused of spying, sending data back to remote servers

A batch of Chinese kettles have been intercepted on their way into Russia, which had the ability to do much more than just boil water.

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Suspected Blackhole Exploit Kit mastermind arrested

No tears will be lost if the authorities really do have the author of the Blackhole Exploit Kit in custody.

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Russian agency buys typewriters to avoid leaks and cyber-spying

Russia’s Federal Protection Service (FSO) has put in an order for 20 typewriters and 600 ink cartridges, according to newspaper reports from the country.

And it seems that they’re being purchased as part of the fight back against electronic snoops.

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Counterattack! Suspected hacker caught on HIS WEBCAM, while spying on Georgia

The Georgian government’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) claims it has linked an internet attack to Russia’s security services, and even turned the tables on a hacker it believes was involved by secretly taking over his computer and taking video footage of him.

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If you launch a DDoS attack against Amazon, it’s unwise to brag about it..

Authorities in the United States have charged two men in connection with a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack that crippled websites such as in June 2008.

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Accused Kelihos malware mastermind protests his innocence

A Russian man who has been accused by Microsoft of being the mastermind behind the Kelihos botnet has used his LiveJournal blog to protest his innocence.

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Microsoft’s Kelihos botnet suspect used to work for computer security firm

Microsoft has alleged that a computer security firm’s ex-employee is the mastermind behind the Kelihos botnet.

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