McAfee joins the anti-Kaspersky witch hunt in shitty attempt to sell a few boxes

A witch hunt against a long-established major player in the infosecurity space should be something that brings the industry together. It’s ghastly to see how McAfee is behaving.

Apple Developer site goes down and some users are fearing a hack

Some Apple developers claim their profiles have been updated to display an address in Russia.

The FBI is briefing US companies against using Kaspersky products, claims report

According to media reports, the FBI has been quietly meeting with companies to warn them of the threat posed by Russian security firm Kaspersky.

Eugene Kaspersky says U.S. government can examine his company’s source code

Anti-virus veteran is prepared to open up Kaspersky’s source code for scrutiny to debunk fears of “Russian government influence.”

David Bisson reports.

U.S. Senate committee wants to ban Kaspersky products from the Department of Defense

A committee in the United States Senate intends to prohibit the Department of Defense from using Kaspersky Lab’s products for fear of “Russian government influence”.

David Bisson reports.

US court hits Russian PoS hacker with record 27 year jail sentence

A Russian hacker has received the longest sentence ever handed down for hacking-related charges in the United States.

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US charges Russian FSB officials in connection with massive Yahoo security breach

The United States has charged four men, including two officials of Russia’s FSB intelligence agency, in connection with a hacking attack against Yahoo that saw the details of 500 million users stolen and the use of forged cookies to break into accounts.

Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.

Donald Trump finally believes Russia hacked the DNC

*That* sensational secret dossier is just the latest twist in an extraordinary story.

Washington Post backtracks on frenzied reporting of Russian hack attack against power grid

In the current climate of claims that Russian-backed hackers may have meddled with the US election by leaking hacked documents and emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, an attack on the electric grid is likely to get a lot of interest.

Shame then that it wasn’t true.

The shocking failure in how the FBI warned the DNC that it had been hacked

Seems to me that I go to more effort when I fix relatives’ computers than the FBI goes to protect a front runner in the US presidential election.

Who helped Russia “hack” the US election? It might have been you…

As the United States kicks out 35 Russian intelligence officers after alleged election-related hacks, there are clear lessons that businesses and internet users can learn to make life harder for the attackers next time.

Lithuania says Russian spyware infected government computers

Lithuania, Europe’s southernmost Baltic state, is accusing Russia of having infected its government computers with spyware on multiple occasions.

David Bisson reports.

Fancy Bear used Android malware to track Ukrainian artillery

Security researchers claim that a malicious Android app helped Russian forces deal heavy blows in Ukrainian crisis.

David Bisson reports.

Hackers stole $31 million from Russian banks in 2016, as FSB warns of foreign plot

As Russia’s central bank reveals hackers stole millions from accounts, the FSB warns of a foreign plot to destabilise the banking system.

Microsoft says you’ll have to wait until next week for Windows zero-day patch

The Russian-linked Fancy Bear group (also known as Strontium, APT28, Sednit or Sofacy) have been linked to targeted attacks.

No, the Jester didn’t hack the Russian Foreign Ministry website

Don’t be fooled by The Jester. He didn’t hack the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website but instead used tried-and-trusted techniques to make it *look* that way.