Zero-day flaw exploited in targeted attacks is fixed by Microsoft

This month’s Patch Tuesday bundle of updates from Microsoft included a fix for a critical vulnerability that has been actively exploited by at least one hacking gang in targeted attacks.

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Patch Tuesday will fix zero-day flaw that meant just previewing an Outlook email could infect your computer

It’s one thing to have a security hole that relies upon users visiting an infected website, or opening a dodgy attachment – but it’s quite a different level of threat when simply *previewing* a message in your email client infects your computer.

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Just previewing an Outlook email could infect your computer. Microsoft warns of zero-day flaw


Microsoft hasn’t patched against this zero-day vulnerability yet, which is actively exploited by malicious hackers.

What the RTF? Mac and Windows users at risk from boobytrapped documents

Think that Patch Tuesday is irrelevant to if you don’t run Windows?

Think again. Mac users advised to update their installations of Microsoft Office.

Patch now! Adobe and Microsoft push out critical security fixes

Multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe and Microsoft products revealed – make sure that your computers are properly patched.