Netgear releases firmware updates for vulnerable routers

Netgear releases patches for serious vulnerability that allows a remote unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary commands with root privileges on affected routers.

CERT warns Netgear routers can be easily exploited

It has not been a good year for the internet of things, security-wise.

The latest IoT devices found vulnerable to trivial exploitation? Netgear routers.

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How to secure your Wi-Fi network – the more advanced version

David Bisson offers further tips that users can follow to better protect their Wi-Fi and boost their router security.

When it comes to security, TalkTalk is all talk talk…

British broadband provider TalkTalk is being criticised for its poor handling of a security incident affecting its customers.

No surprise there then.

How to secure your Wi-Fi network – the basic version

What we can do to better secure our routers and our Wi-Fi networks?

David Bisson reports.

TalkTalk and Post Office customers lose internet access as routers hijacked

Thousands of TalkTalk and Post Office customers in the UK have been cut off from the internet for days.

The reason? A malicious attack against poorly-protected broadband routers.

900,000 Germans knocked offline, as critical router flaw exploited

The Internet of insecure Things strikes again. As many as 900,000 Deutsche Telekom customers were knocked offline on Sunday and Monday as an attempt was made to hijack broadband routers into a botnet.

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Did one faulty router bring down BT’s network? That’s not good

Should a company as big as BT, with all of its resources, really have such a critical single point of failure?

Businesses warned of router, riddled with security holes and a zero-day exploit

When you buy a new piece of computer hardware, and connect it to your network, I really hope that you check whether there are any security updates available.

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Moose – the router worm with an appetite for social networks

A new worm is infecting routers in order to commit social networking fraud, hijacking victims’ internet connections in order to “like” posts and pages, “view” videos and “follow” other accounts.

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Too many adverts and porn pop-ups in your web browser? Maybe your router has been hijacked

If you’ve recently found your web browsing plagued by pornographic pop-ups and irritating adverts, maybe hackers have hijacked your internet router?

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How the NSA (accidentally) took Syria off the internet

In late 2012, as fighting intensified around Damascus, all internet services in and out of Syria suddenly shut down.

At the time everyone imagined it was the Syrian regime who were responsible. But Edward Snowden says it was actually the NSA.

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The Moon router worm. Your anti-virus has probably been updated to detect it, but won’t protect you

What’s unusual about The Moon worm is that it doesn’t infect computers. In fact, it never gets as far as your PC.

And that means up-to-date anti-virus software running on your computer isn’t going to stop it. Find out more.

How millions of DSL modems were hacked in Brazil, to pay for Rio prostitutes

Brazilian hackers remotely took over 4.5 million home routers, and compromised their DNS settings in their plot to make a fortune.

And what did they spend the money on? Well, in some cases, Rio prostitutes..

Routers with poor passwords at risk from Chuck Norris

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