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Facebook scam: Guy that lives in my street killed his girlfriend today

Has one of your Facebook friends told you that a guy that lives in their street killed his girlfriend today?

Proceed with caution. Rogue applications are spamming out messages in an attempt to make money through survey scams.

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Facebook profile views and white iPhone 4 helps rogue apps spread virally

It’s been over a week, and there’s no sign of this particular survey scam – spread via a Facebook rogue application – dying off.

Many users are being hit every few seconds on the social network. Watch our video and find out more.

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The state of Facebook security

82% of users polled say Facebook is the riskiest social network.

But Facebook and Sophos can’t agree about how bad things are. What do you think?

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Want to know your total Facebook views? Beware scam spreading virally

Want to find out the total number of times your profile has been viewed on Facebook? Beware spammers who are exploiting your desire for numbers to spread money-making survey scams.

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Rogue Facebook apps can now access your home address and mobile phone number

Do you really want complete strangers being able to access your mobile phone number and home address?

Facebook plays a dangerous game with new ability for application developers.

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Zodiac sign survey scam spreading virally on Facebook

Did Zodiac signs change in 2011? No, they didn’t. But Facebook scammers are taking advantage of the rumour to make money.

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Scammers exploit viral video of girl falling into fountain while texting

A girl falls into a mall’s fountain because she’s too busy concentrating on texting.

When the video becomes an internet sensation, cybercriminals are only too quick to jump on the bandwagon.

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First status scams continue to plague Facebook users

Should Facebook do a better job of warning its users about scams, and offer more timely advice on how to avoid cybercrime on the social network?

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125,000 people fooled by Tupac Shakur / Suge Knight Facebook scam

Marion “Suge” Knight has not been arrested for the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur.

But Facebook scammers are exploiting internet rumours – and a bogus news report – to make money through online surveys.

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My 1st St@tus scam hits Facebook users hard, spreads virally

Beware messages on Facebook claiming to be about “My 1st St@tus” – it’s a survey scam spreading rapidly across the social network.

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Viral Facebook scam: OMG! 92% of the people who watch this will fall asleep instantly

A Facebook social network scam says that 92% of people will fall asleep upon watching their video.

But, in reality, the only people with their eyes closed are the Facebook users who are unwittingly help scammers earn money through online surveys.

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American guy must be stoned to death Facebook survey scam spreads quickly

Seen a message saying “This American GUY must be Stoned to De@th for doing this to a GIRL” spreading on Facebook?

It’s the latest survey scam outwitting Facebook users who aren’t thinking before they click..

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Phony first Facebook status messages lead to rogue application

Was your first Facebook status update “Hellllooooo ???”, posted on May 2nd 2008 at 6:57am?

Somehow, I don’t think so. Watch out for rogue application spreading virally on Facebook.

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Your own email Beware Facebook survey scam

A survey scam spreading virally on Facebook claims to give you an email address.

Don’t click on the links, and don’t give permission for rogue applications to access your profile!

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How to clean-up your profile after a Facebook survey scam

Plagued by rogue applications and survey scams on Facebook?

Watch this video to learn how to clean up your profile, and stop spreading the nuisance messages to your online friends.

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Miley Cyrus smoking a bong video hides Facebook survey scam

A video of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong might be sensational footage, but do you really want to play into the hands of Facebook scammers?

Wise up to the tricks used by survey scammers on the social network, and don’t be part of the problem.

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