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My Facebook wall has been viewed X times – viral survey scam spreads rapidly

Do you want to know the total number of times that your Facebook wall has been viewed? Are you curious as to who may be stalking you on Facebook?

If so, you’re a prime candidate for scammers who are exploiting that desire to put money into their own pockets.

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Your Online Timer survey scam spreads rapidly on Twitter

More rogue applications are catching Twitter users off their guard today, helping scammers earn money by spreading links that point to online surveys.

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Thousands of Twitter users hit by classic Facebook scam

Twitter users have once again found themselves the target of rogue applications this weekend, in a similar fashion to the problem which has been plaguing Facebook users for over a year.

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EastEnders baby swap plot exploited by Facebook scammers

A controversial BBC soap opera plotline is being exploited on Facebook by rogue applications to earn money through survey scams.

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Girl Committed Suicide Before a Cam scam gets personal on Facebook

A Facebook scam about a girl who allegedly killed herself on her webcam uses a slightly different piece of social engineering to trick you into taking its revenue-generating online survey.

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Beware Top 10 Profile stalkers on Facebook and Twitter

Scams are attempting to increase their chances of success by targeting both Facebook and Twitter users at the same time.

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11.6 hours survey scam spreads like wildfire on Twitter

A rogue application has caught Twitter users off their guard today, with thousands of people duped into clicking on links believing that it will reveal how many hours they have spent on Twitter.

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Facebook suicide death video? Rogue application makes money for survey scammers

A rogue Facebook application poses as video of young woman who committed suicide.

Think before you help cybercriminals spread viral scam across the social network.

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Free tickets on Southwest Airlines? It’s the latest Facebook scam

A so-called opportunity to win free tickets with Southwest Airlines may look like a dream come true, but in fact is an opportunity for scammers to harvest your information.

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Reporter had a stroke on live TV – Facebook scam

Facebook scammers exploit Serene Branson, after speculation spread that she had suffered a stroke while presenting from the Grammy Awards.

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Van Gogh Museum hit by Facebook scammers

The Facebook page of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has been compromised to promote a money-making survey scam.

If your company taking proper measures to protect its Facebook presence?

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Valentine’s Day scams spread virally on Facebook

Is there a girl/boy you really like? Do you want to send them a love poem on Facebook?

If so, you could be just the kind of person that survey scammers are looking for.

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Facebook scam: Dad catches daughter stripping on webcam

OMG! It’s another survey scam being spread via rogue applications on Facebook.

Sick scammers claim to link to video of daughter caught stripping on webcam.

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Facebook stalkers and profile creeps – rogue apps spread virally

Do you want to know who stalks you on Facebook? Do you want to see who creeps around your profile?

If so, you’re a prime candidate to fall for a fast-spreading Facebook scam.

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Scam: I was logged into Facebook for XXXX hours in 2010

Spam messages are spreading across Facebook claiming to be from users who have calculated the total hours they spent on the social network during 2010.

Make sure you’re not helping scammers with their money-making scheme.

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Facebook will close all accounts today? Rogue app spreads virally

Facebook scam spreads virally, claiming that all users must verify their accounts or have them deleted automatically.

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