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Beware shortcuts for getting more followers on Twitter

There are various different ways of getting more followers on Twitter. But some of them may bring unexpected risks.

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TimeSpentHere rogue app spreads virally on Twitter

Some Twitter users have fallen for yet another rogue application, tricking them into believing that they will discover how many hours they have spent tweeting their little hearts out.

Would you have fallen for it?

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Hours spent on Twitter? Don’t click on scam spreading virally on Twitter

Another rogue application is spreading between unsuspecting Twitter users, claiming to tell you how many hours you have spent on on the network.

The messages all look pretty similar, and use a currently trending topic such as Richard Dawkins, Cheryl Cole landing the job of a judge on the US edition of “X Factor”, or it being Mother’s Day in the United States.

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Lord Gaga video banned? Twitter rogue app spread by scammers

Scammers are seeding an attack against Twitter users, posing as a banned video of “Lord Gaga” in an attempt to compromise accounts.

Read more in my article at Naked Security.

Using a selection of newly created Twitter accounts, which have the names and avatars of young women, the tweeted-out messages all claim to point to a censored music video.

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Banned Lady Gaga video attack spreads on Twitter via rogue app

Watch out for tweets about a banned Lady Gaga video, currently spreading across the Twitter network.

Is it possible Lady Gaga herself fell for this scam?

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Anger after scam-exposing community shut down by Facebook

In a bizarre and hard-to-understand move, a Facebook page which has helped countless users stay safe online has been shut down… by Facebook.

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Unfollowed Me rogue application spreads virally on Twitter

Thousands of Twitter users have fallen into the trap of allowing rogue third-party applications access their Twitter accounts, believing that it would tell them how many people have unfollowed them.

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An open letter to Facebook about safety and privacy

Dear Facebook,

As you know, for some years we have been discussing with your security team our concerns about safety and privacy on Facebook.

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Heads up FB friends! New chain letter spreads on Facebook

A new chain letter is spreading across Facebook, posted by users in an apparent attempt to warn others about rogue applications.

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Olive Garden food photo tagged you on Facebook? It’s a viral scam

Thousands of Facebook users are freaking out after apparently being tagged in photos of Olive Garden food.

Find out about the scam spreading across the social network.

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The Twilight Breaking Dawn Facebook scam

Scam links to what pretends to be a “Twilight Breaking Dawn” game have affected many users of Facebook.

Don’t let your love for heart throbs Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart out-rule your head.

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Theme Park accident video used as bait by Facebook viral scammers

This weekend Facebook users have seen their online friends seemingly pass around links claiming to point to video footage of theme park accidents in either Alton Towers in the UK, Summertime Theme Park Australia, or Universal Studios in Hollywood. But all is not what it seems.

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Facebook is closing all accounts today? Nope, it’s a viral rogue application

A new viral scam is being spread across Facebook by a rogue application, tricking users into believing that Facebook is closing all accounts today.

Don’t be tricked into believing the scam is true – or you could be putting money into the bad guys’ pockets.

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Photo tagged as a Facebook bunnygirl? Beware viral scam

Facebook users, both male and female, are finding that they have been tagged in a photo of a young woman dressed as a bunnygirl.

Scammers are exploiting Facebook’s loosely-controlled photo tagging capability to get their messages in front of as many people as possible.

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Openmouthed? Facebook users gawp at new incarnation of survey scam

Facebook users are being hit today by a new incarnation of a virally-spreading survey scam that has already claimed many scalps.

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Profile Spy rogue application spreads virally on Twitter

Twitter users are once again finding themselves on the receiving end of a rogue application attack spreading virally across the network.

Thousands of Twitter users have fallen into the trap of allowing a third party application called “Profile Spy” to access their accounts, after believing that they would be able to find out who has been viewing their tweets.

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