Rihanna has NOT been ‘found dead after being raped’. Sick Facebook scam spreads

Pop star Rihanna has been the subject of various Facebook scams in the past, many of which have lured unsuspecting members of the public with the promise of watching a sex video.

However, on this occasion, things have taken an even sicker twist…

Rihanna sex video event scam spreads on Facebook

Be on your guard if you see any of your Facebook friends post a message about an alleged Rihanna sex video.

Rihanna sex video trap used by Facebook scammers.. again

You would think that if there had been a widespread scam on Facebook two months ago, that it wouldn’t be capable of spreading using identical wording now, wouldn’t you?

Sadly, it seems the answer is “no”.

OMG – I just hate Rihanna video Facebook scam spreading

Messages are spreading between Facebook users, claiming that members of the social network have lost all respect for popular songstress Rihanna after watching a video.

Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere sex video spreads Mac malware on Facebook

Mac users on Facebook are under malware attack again – with what claims to be a sex video of celebrities Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere.