Reality Winner

Donald Trump’s ‘Executive Time’ leak – journalists retype documents to protect White House source

Such a leak is likely to anger Trump and the White House, of course, and so Axios had to be careful not to throw their source under the bus.

Reality Winner pleads guilty after being unmasked by microdots

Reality Winner, the US government contractor who leaked top secret documents about Russian hacking, has pleaded guilty.

Smashing Security podcast #024: Reality Winner, Gordon Ramsay and a leaky bucket

In this latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast, the team are joined by Ian Whalley to discuss NSA leaks, the secret yellow dots on your printouts, careless cloud security and Gordon Ramsay’s entanglement with hackers.

How The Intercept might have helped unmask Reality Winner to the NSA

The Intercept might have unwittingly helped unmask Reality Winner, a government contractor who allegedly leaked a NSA document about Russian hacking to the news outlet.

David Bisson reports.