Don’t be too quick to uninstall QuickTime for Windows, warns Adobe

Yes, you should uninstall QuickTime for Windows for security reasons.

But be aware that some other programs may stop working properly…

Running QuickTime for Windows on your PC? You should uninstall it. NOW.

If you are running QuickTime for Windows on your personal computer, you should uninstall it as soon as possible.

David Bisson reports.

iPhone, iPod Touch, and QuickTime security updates

Yesterday, a standing ovation greeted Steve Jobs as he made his first public appearance since his liver transplant. Apple fans around the world (and I’m one of them) were, I’m sure, delighted to see the charismatic CEO back on stage announcing his firm’s latest product developments.

With so many feverish rumours about the possibility of The Beatles coming to iTunes (they didn’t) and the possibility of an Apple Tablet computer (no signs yet), some inevitably felt a sense of anti-climax when the main announcements from San Francisco were some new features in iTunes, a point upgrade to the iPhone OS and the revelation that the iPod Nano – and strangely not the iPod touch – was gaining a video camera.