ProtonMail and StartMail blocked as Russia hunts for bomb threat spammers

ProtonMail is the second encrypted email provider in the last week to find itself blocked from its Russian users, after authorities in the country said threats had been spammed out claiming that bombs had been planted in public places.

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Three years in jail for teenager who spammed out school bomb threats

British teenager George Duke-Cohan has been jailed for three years for making hoax bomb threats that closed hundreds of schools up and down the UK.

Teenage hacker admits making hoax bomb threats against schools and airlines

British police have announced that they have arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with a series of hoax bomb threats and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

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Conspiracy or cockup? Google hid ProtonMail’s encrypted email service from search results

Did Google deliberately downrank encrypted email service ProtonMail in its search results?

The jury is out…

More websites hit by Armada Collective DDoS blackmail attacks, but won’t pay up

If your company runs a website which users rely upon to be available, investigate what you can do to mitigate a DDoS attack *before* you’re the next target on the criminals’ list.

ProtonMail says it won’t ever again pay ransom to DDoS blackmailers

ProtonMail has changed its tune, and admits it made a mistake by paying DDoS blackmailers.

ProtonMail gives in to DDoS blackmailers, pays $6000 ransom

I can’t help but feel that ProtonMail has let down every company on the internet by giving in to extortionists.

ProtonMail hit by mystery DDoS attack, preventing customers from accessing their secure email

Who on earth would be keen to disrupt access to a secure email service, and potentially put it out of business?

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

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