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Facebook profile viewer scams circulate, install suspicious extensions to mess with Firefox and Chrome

ThreatTrack security researcher Chris Boyd has detailed the latest in a growing number of attacks posing as “Facebook Profile Viewer” applications, but which actually aim to make sinister changes to victims’ web browsers.

"No WAY, I Found Out Who Has Been Looking at My Profile" scam spreads on Facebook

Tagged photographs on Facebook are spreading, claiming to offer a way to find out who has been looking at your profile.

It’s a scam, of course… but what can you do about it?

"How do I see who has been looking at my Facebook profile?"

Time and time again we have seen *thousands* of innocent Facebook users be tricked into making bad security decisions, simply by being promised the ability to discover who has been reading their Facebook profile.

18 months later, and Facebook Profile Viewer rogue apps still successfully tricking users

Facebook does not give you any way to find out who has been viewing your profile.

Any application or link which claims it can reveal to you who has should be treated with great suspicion.