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Dropbox users continue to unwittingly leak tax returns and other private data

Almost 18 months after the issue was first made known to Dropbox, unauthorised users continue to receive links to personal, private information stored on the file-sharing service.

Dropbox told about vulnerability in November 2013, only fixed it when the media showed interest

I think it’s a pretty sad state of affairs that months can pass, and the BBC has to be called in, before a service like Dropbox takes seriously a security concern impacting the privacy of its users.

Dropbox users leak tax returns, mortgage applications and more

If you are using file-sharing systems like Dropbox and Box without proper care and attention, there is a risk that you could be unwittingly leaking your most private, personal information to others.

Facebook revamps privacy settings – but misses opportunity to do so much more

Facebook has announced that it is rolling out what appears to be a major change to its privacy settings.

But at the same time, it has missed a massive opportunity to lead the way on privacy.