Cyprus: Home of the UK’s secret Middle Eastern internet surveillance base

An Italian newspaper reveals the top secret location of the GCHQ base, monitoring communications in the Middle East.

Is one terrorism death a year really too high a price to pay for freedom from intrusive surveillance?

One death in a year through a terrorist act seems too high a price to pay for freedom from intrusive surveillance.

Do we value our privacy as little as that, asks guest contributor Philip Le Riche.

Mikko Hyppönen: “You should not be worried about PRISM. You should be outraged”

We should not just accept such blanket and wholesale surveillance from one country onto the rest of the world, argues security expert Mikko Hypponen.

Alan Solomon reminds NSA (and anyone else listening) that unbreakable codes *do* exist

Computer security veteran Dr Alan Solomon shares his reflections on the NSA electronic snooping debacle that has been dominating the headlines.

A love song for the NSA – “I love you, because you really listen” [VIDEO]

Poor old NSA.

They’re getting a lot of flak right now, when all they’re really doing is offering what everyone wants from a loved one: someone who really listens.

Watch this video and see what you think.

Groklaw law news website closes down, citing US surveillance concerns

Award-winning law news blog Groklaw has announced that it is shutting down, saying that it cannot operate under existing US surveillance policies.

Lavabit email service shuts down abruptly, blaming US government

Lavabit has abruptly decided to close its doors, claiming that it has been forced to do so rather than become “complicit in crimes against the American people.”

Anti-Obama Android Trojan horse poses as Jay-Z app, spies on users, triggers on July 4th

If you’re a fan of rapper Jay-Z, and are comfortable installing apps onto your Android from non-official sources, then you should probably be on your guard.

US Army blocks access to The Guardian. Is it to stop soldiers from knowing about PRISM leak, or…?

An army-wide ban has been placed on US soliders accessing The Guardian website, since secret details were published of the NSA’s top secret PRISM project based upon leaked documents.

ZXX: the messed-up font which will NOT protect you from the NSA

How NOT to stop your communications from being spied upon by the authorities.

Facebook rolls out new privacy settings in wake of PRISM controversy

I love this screenshot that is being shared across Facebook, claiming to be the social network’s new privacy settings in the wake of the NSA’s PRISM surveillance controversy.