Targeted malware attack spends decade sliding under the radar

Researchers have uncovered a cybercrime operation that spent close to a decade infecting targets with dozens of previously unknown malware variants.

David Bisson reports.

Sometimes it’s better if software patches don’t come out too quickly

If we want more secure, better-working software we need to understand that the software vendors need to be given the time, space and resources to make them to that high standard.

Hackers exploit Windows zero-day flaw in targeted PowerPoint attacks

Be on your guard. Another zero-day vulnerability has been uncovered that affects almost all supported versions of Windows, and it is being actively exploited by hackers in targeted attacks.

Arsenal Lotto scam spammed out via PowerPoint file

Scammers use desperate measures in their attempt to trick you into believing you have won a lottery run by Arsenal Football Club.

Fired IT manager hacks into CEO’s presentation, replaces it with porn

Imagine you’re giving a presentation to the board of directors at your company. You have your PowerPoint slides all ready, you’re projecting onto a 64 inch screen… what could possibly go wrong?

Microsoft issues Windows security patches, but Office for Mac users left in the cold

Security patches for Windows and PowerPoint, but if you’re a user of older versions of Microsoft Office for Mac you’re left unprotected.

Death by PowerPoint? Kama Sutra presentation leads to backdoor infection

Would you be interested in a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating different sexual positions from the Kama Sutra?

Watch what you do with your mouse – you could be leading to a malware infection.

Mac Users Told To Hold Their Breath For PowerPoint Security Fix

Is Microsoft treating users of the Mac version of its PowerPoint software as second-class citizens? That’s the question some are asking following the release of a criticial security update for the popular presentation software. The problem? The patch was only for the Windows version.

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Patchtastic! Updates for PowerPoint, PDFs and Mac OS X

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Beware of PowerPoint boobies traps

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Hackers attack via zero-day PowerPoint vulnerability

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IT Staff Wait For Critical Zero-Day PowerPoint Fix

You may have experienced the soul-destroying feeling of sitting through a far-too-long corporate presentation, but a new critical flaw could deliver a far more serious case of “Death by PowerPoint.”

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