point of sale

LockPos, the new point-of-sale malware being distributed by a once-dormant command and control server

A criminal gang’s new malware threatens to steal credit card information from poisoned payment terminals.

David Bisson reports.


Credit-card stealing malware hits Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton hotel chains

Some 20 hotels have been attacked by hackers who planted point-of-sale malware on their systems.

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Sophisticated AbbadonPOS malware upgraded in its attempt to exfiltrate credit card data from retailers

Criminals have updated the AbbadonPOS malware with the ability to search for known point-of-sale (PoS) processes, in its hunt for consumers’ credit card data.

Beware spammed-out poisoned Word documents, warns David Bisson.

Ka-ching! The data breach threat that targets retailers

Criminals like to lurk in the shadows and silently steal money and information when it suits them.

Guest contributor David Share reports.

Beware PowerSniff! Malware uses Word macros and PowerShell scripts

Malware appears to be hunting for point of sales systems, while actively avoiding healthcare and educational computers.

David Bisson reports.

Hilton Hotels warns that it was targeted by malware, in attempt to steal payment card data

Hilton Worldwide is the latest in a growing list of hotel chains to warn that hackers have targeted its systems by writing malware to steal credit card data from point-of-sale systems.

Once again, members of the public are being told to keep a close eye on their payment card statements.


Credit card-stealing malware hits 54 Starwood hotels

Hackers have managed to steal the credit and debit card details of customers who made purchases at 54 North American Starwood-run hotels, after infecting point of sale systems with malware.

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Casino customers and employees put at risk after FireKeepers hack

Sloppy security can hit your business hard. If you don’t make information security a board level issue then your company is effectively playing Russian roulette with its future.

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If you’re a gambler, you don’t want to receive a tip like this from your casino…

Maybe the best advice if you’re going to a casino right now is to leave your credit cards safely at home, and just take a small amount of cash instead.


UPS Store data breach – the post mortem can wait, it’s time to warn and advise the victims

You shouldn’t judge a corporation by how it got hacked, but by how well it handles the aftermath and whether acts openly and respectfully to its customers.

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Michaels warns customers: ‘We may have experienced a data security attack’ (again)

RAM-scraping malware thought to have targeted point-of-sale computers at chain of US craft stores.

It’s bad news for Michaels as well as its customers, as questions will be asked as to whether the firm learnt any lessons after suffering a damaging attack at its cash registers a couple of years ago.

RAM-scraping malware could have been installed on Target’s tills

As Target’s CEO explains his company’s security screw-up in a TV interview, more details emerge of how hackers might have stolen the credit card details of many millions of the retailer’s customers.

Men plead guilty to $10 million Subway restaurant hack

Two men have pleaded guilty to their part in a multi-million dollar scheme which saw the point-of-sale computers of hundreds of Subway restaurant stores hacked into, and the details of customers’ payment cards stolen.