Mark Zuckerberg has his Pinterest account hacked (again)

The hacking group OurMine has targeted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for the second time in recent months.

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Don’t be tricked by this fake ‘BBC’ website. Miracle diet spammers post fake news stories

What lies beneath the Garcinia Cambogia spam campaign, being spread via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?

Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest users warned after Zendesk support site hack

Hackers have broken into Zendesk’s systems, and accessed the email addresses of Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest customers who had attempted to get support.

Pinterest diet spam – is the site doing enough to stop it?

As Pinterest’s popularity increases, so do the reports of spam on the fast-growing photo-sharing network.

Is the website doing enough to counter the threat?

Pinterest spam promotes Acai Berry diet

Acai Berry diet spammers are hawking miracle diets on Pinterest.

Don’t be duped into clicking on the links!

Interview with a Pinterest spammer, earning $1000 a day

A spammer, who claims to earn $1000 a day by automatically posting affiliate links onto Pinterest from thousands of bot accounts, has given an interview describing his operation.