Schools warned about cold-calling ransomware attacks

Ransomware attackers are phoning up potential victims in attempt to increase the chances of successful infection.

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Your VoIP phone may be spying on you due to default passwords

Default passwords rear their ugly head again, as a security researcher shows just how easy it is to turn a VOIP phone into a bugging device.

David Bisson reports.

Butt-dialled phone calls not considered private, rules judge

Please take care about bottom-initiated phone calls – you might find your private conversations being spied upon, without legal redress.

Use this phone at work? You could be at risk of eavesdropping thanks to unpatched flaw

Cisco has warned that hackers could eavesdrop upon your private communications, thanks to an unpatched firmware flaw in some of its small business phones.

Verizon gives 120 million customers a cookie they can’t delete

Verizon has been adding a unique identifier to its cell phone customers’ web traffic – and it can be used to track users’ actions in exactly the same way as a cookie can.

But, unlike a cookie, it can’t be deleted.

“How to hack a Facebook account…” – how on earth should I answer this voicemail?

Someone left a message on my answer phone the other night, and I really have no idea how to respond.

Take a listen and see what you think.

MouaBad Android malware earns money by making phone calls

A newly discovered piece of malware attempts to make money by making phone calls from infected Android smartphones without requiring any user interaction.

Barack Obama isn’t allowed an iPhone, ‘for security reasons’

He’s only too aware, of course, about how the mobile phone conversations of world leaders can be spied upon.

Online quiz tackles mobile-related malvertising

An online quiz to help consumers spot digital malvertising that can result in unexpected mobile charges has been launched by UK regulator, PhonepayPlus.

Woman charged £1400 for stolen mobile phone

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Phreaking hackers hit man with $53,000 phone bill

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Cellphone spam clogs up phone lines at Houston Zoo

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