PlanetDrugsDirect reveals security breach, warns customers their data may have been exposed

Canadian online pharmacy has contacted customers warning them that their data might have been exposed in what they euphemistically describe as a “data security incident”.

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Fake pharmacy sites gets crafty with modified goodbye messages

Fake pharmaceutical web services are always looking for new methods to trick unsuspecting users. And now they’re displaying marketing messages when users try to close their browser tab.

David Bisson reports.

Google opens a pharmacy? It’s spam of the day

Is Google really extending its online empire, and opening an online pharmacy?

Of course not. Don’t click on the links, don’t buy the goods, don’t put your identity and health in danger.

The first big Google+ spam campaign blasted out by pill-pushers

It may be the first major cybercriminal campaign exploiting the Google+ brand – spammers send out bogus Google+ invitations that in reality point to online pharmacies.

Dr Who and the Viagra Spammers of Doom

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Bogus FDA agents scam online drug purchasers

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Spammers spread Viagra adverts as iTunes invoice

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