Pentagon data breach puts personal details of 30,000 staff at risk

The Pentagon has admitted that up to 30,000 military workers and civilian personnel have had their personal information and credit card data exposed following a security breach.

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The Pentagon bans Huawei and ZTE smartphone sales at military bases worldwide

Smartphones made by ZTE and Huawei have been banned from sale at US military bases around the world, following concerns that they could pose a security threat.

Buggy Pentagon systems a dream come true to attackers, says researcher

Vulnerable servers owned by the Department of Defense could allow hackers to launch digital attacks via the Pentagon’s systems, says a researcher.

David Bisson reports.

Hack the Pentagon, and you could win $150,000

The US Department of Defense is inviting hackers to find security vulnerabilities in some of its public websites, and is offering a bounty of up to $150,000 for those who find flaws.

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Russia blamed for hacking Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff email system

Could this latest attack be another salvo in Operation Pawn Storm?

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Gary McKinnon saved from extradition after ten year fight

Gary McKinnon, the British hacker who has been fighting a high profile campaign for ten years to avoid extradition to the United States, has had his extradition blocked by the UK government.

Gary McKinnon extradition – decision due

British hacker Gary McKinnon will find out today whether or not he will be extradited and stand trial in the United States for what was described as “the biggest military computer hack of all time”.

‘Foreign government’ hackers steal secret Pentagon plans

Apparently the the only thing stopping countries from using the internet to destroy their enemies is the risk of a military counter-attack.

And terrorists? Well, they just can’t get their hands on the right internet tools..

FBI / Interpol hacker suspect arrested by Greek authorities

Authorities in Greece have arrested an 18-year old man today, suspected of hacking into computer systems belonging to Interpol, the Pentagon, the NSA and the FBI.

Did the US write Stuxnet? Deputy Defense Secretary won’t deny it

US Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn is put on the spot.

Did the US write the Stuxnet worm or not?

Suspected Pentagon hacker “Wolfenstein” arrested

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